and then I finally wrote a bio

Somewhat Hobbit-like, the Canadian born, Illinois based Ruth Elliott is known for her love of good food and friends. She would like you to know her feet, unlike Hobbits, are relatively hair free and sometimes covered in shoes. Her diet includes shameless consumption of coffee, chocolate and the occasional cheesecake. Her love of creatures great and small – dogs, horses, birds, ferrets and rodents – leads to long and fascinating conversations. A left-handed woman living out of her right brain, she dances with photos, paints and words, her camera never out of reach, and her poetry is ever-streaming and occasionally naughty.

Ruth is “overly fond” of Oscar Wilde, Monty Python, Shakespeare, Morrissey, Pink Floyd and of the colour red. She claims to be distracted by glitter and that she’s wantonly superficial, though her earthy, prolific portfolio tells us she’s able to pull focus when it counts. After training in Hapkido, she focused her passion on yoga, to the point where she quit her day job and now spends her days teaching students and developing yoga teachers full time. Ruth is the mother of three rather opinionated, and somewhat sassy young adults (“How did THAT happen?”).

Ruth travels to oceans, mountains and forests whenever possible and even when it isn’t. She never forgets to pack socks.

and also, this poem:

My love is multi-lateral, and faintly Lady Chatteral
Filled with dog and catteral
Always flying blind
For I love an honest body with a love that’s somewhat shoddy
But my other self, less naughty,
Loves an honest mind.

-Jean Pedrick

7 thoughts on “and then I finally wrote a bio

  1. glasshill Post author

    Well…. I’d start by finding some local yoga classes 😉 try a bunch, I believe everyone can benefit from yoga, you just have to find the style that suites you best 🙂

  2. Kathy

    So what advice would you have for someone who wants to get into yoga, but has no idea where/how to begin?

    Kathy 🙂

  3. myatheistlife

    It would be fun to see a bizarre photo each week from such a person as this. By bizarre I mean something like:
    – I can’t believe that squirrel is eating my rubber boots on the porch
    – How did that bicycle get in the tree?
    – What’s clogging my vacuum this week?
    – What the dinner table looks like after a good meal on Thursday night.
    And so on…

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