yes, actually I am judging you.


how could you not tip this man?

There is a speech that Tim Minchin recently gave that I loved. He says many wise and wonderful things and if you want to hear the whole thing click here. Near the end he says “I don’t care if you’re the most powerful cat in the room; I will judge you by how you treat the least powerful.” Prior to this he talked about how someone treats their waitress is a really good indicator of their character.

So, judging. Yep. I judge people, every single day.

If you order dessert and then leave an shitty tip, I will judge you. I will judge you even if you don’t order dessert and skip straight to stiffing the waitress. I will judge you if you cut in line, or are rude to the barista.

If you go to an event, like a Renaissance Fair, and you don’t put any money in the performers various hats, consider yourself judged. If you are well of financially, don’t put any money in the performers hat, and then make stupid and tasteless remarks about spare change I will judge you a LOT – and since this is actually happened to me this summer, I will add, that it will permanently colour my view of you.

If you are mean to animals, give your baby Pepsi in a bottle, make racist or sexist jokes, bully anyone for any reason, if you are unkind to those who have less power than you – I AM judging you.

You know what I’m not judging? I’m not judging your gender, your sexual orientation, race, age, body size, or political leanings, I honestly don’t care if you’re liberal or republican, pro-life, pro-choice, theistic, non-theistic, I don’t give a single fuck. I don’t care if you have money, or if you don’t. What kind of car you drive, the place you live, or what you choose to clothe yourself in, this doesn’t matter.

Assholes come in straight, gay, black, white, old, young, fat, thin, liberals, and republicans.

What I do care about is how you treat those who have no power over you, waitresses, baristas, Buskers, pets, children. How you treat those people says more about your character than what you drive, who you love, the colour of your skin or what political party you support.

If you stiff your waitress, are rude to the person making you coffee, or obnoxiously ignore Ren Fair performers you’re an ass, period.  Consider yourself judged.

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