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cataclysmic cosmic approaching catatonic

1186330_10201885990572703_1488416210_nThe best laid plans

careful what you wish for
things couldn’t get any worse
you can’t please all of the people all of the time
or even some of the time
sometimes none of the time
sometimes not even yourself
so what’s up with this stupid pleasing thing?

and this you must always remember
never forget
no good deed will ever (ever) go unpunished

friends don’t let friends … what?
and what is it that friends let friends do?
should do?
let do, don’t do, should do, will do – with who?
will this be on the final exam?

planning is over rated
spontaneity, on the other hand
(there will always be another hand to keep you on your toes)
spontaneity can bite you so hard on your ass it bleeds
(ass biting on the other hand can be under rated)

and as a rule try to express yourself
distinctly. vividly. quickly. blissfully. skillfully.
but not sillily. lyrically. and never timidly or fitfully.

and another thing
scratch that last thought
and skip the conversation – its over rated
and can lead to planning
and we all know where that can get you

and sometimes even well placed
“humorous loving support”
can mean fuck all
yes, yes heartbreakingly sad, but true
these times may call for biting sarcasm
and excessive speed

and when you plan
(plan – a four letter word)
to run away
when that escape opportunity opens up
you should Get the Fuck Out of Dodge
do not pause.
do not think.
do not pass go. just

and when you miss that chance
or the chance misses you
or the fates intervene
or whatthefuckever
what do you do?

What if there is no fuckin message?
What if you’re really stuck in dodge?

so what?


so what if you’ve simply fallen into a
Cataclysmic Cosmic approaching Catatonic
Cluster Fuck
and THAT’S where you were always
meant to be?

So what…

take me as I am


plucky with a certain fashion sense

This is part where I introduce myself, and I’ll even tell you the reason I started this blog. Curious? It will be all me, the uncensored, not politically correct me I keep locked up because I can be too intense for polite society.

I am a combination of

  • Beatrice from “Much Ado About Nothing”
  • Catherine Earnshaw (if you don’t know who that is, I don’t think we’ll get along)
  • Olivia the Pig
  • Eloise “oh my Lord!”
  • Lily (from Lily and the Purple Plastic Purse)

Yes, three of these are from children’s books, one is pig and another a very plucky mouse. They are all precocious, strong willed, forceful, charming, and “a bit too much” for those around them to handle. Beatrice is witty, mocking, funny, fierce and still vulnerable. Catherine is well, not always likable. She is wild, passionate, brash, uncivilized, untamed, self centered and vain. She chooses, against her nature, the polite and civilized world of the Lintons when she marries Edgar, and suffers greatly for it. I identify with them all.